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Company Name City / Country Stall No Products on display
Aarti International Ltd. (Textile Div.) Ludhiana F-52/53/54 High quality yarn
Alkey Synthetics Pvt. Ltd. Bhiwandi A-17/18 Dyed and space dyed yarn
Amarjothi Spinning Mills Ltd. Tirupur A-15/16 Colour melange, knitted melange & fancy yarns
Arisudana Industries Limited Ludhiana A-62/63/64 RW & fancy polyester yarns, vortex & ring spun yarns
Arya Agency Tirupur F-7 All type of mettalic jari yarn
Bhilosa Industries Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai B-13/14/30/31 Draw texturised, fully drawn, air textured & partially oriented yarn 
Bishnu Texport Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi A-57/58/59 Yarns & Fabrics
Chiranjilal Spinners (P) Ltd. Salem A-28/29 Polyester blended & viscose yarns
Chiripal Group Ahmedabad F-27/28/29 Indigo dyed yarn
Commit Industries Private Limited Mumbai A-39 Lacquer coated polyester film and metallic yarns
Cotton USA / Cotton Council International USA A-20/21 U.S. cotton fiber / cotton
Damodar Industries Limited Mumbai A-50 Cotton, polyester, blended & fancy yarns
Deiveegam Dyers Erode F-61 Yarn dyeing & finishing of cotton and its blends
Dharanidara Spinning Mills (P) Ltd. Salem A-47 Spinner of special yarns
Eveready Spinning Mills (P) Limited      Tirupur F-44/45/46 Dyed yarns / melange / viscose & modal yarns / Knitted Fabrics
Everflow Petrofils Ltd. Mumbai F-49/50/51 Importer of indigo denim yarn & Knitted Denim Fabrics
Garg Acrylics Limited Ludhiana A-65 Cotton and specialty yarns
GHCL Limited (Unit: Sree Meenakshi Mills) Madurai F-56 100% cotton & synthetic yarn
Gillanders Arbuthnot & Co. Ltd. Kolkatta A-45/46 Melange yarn, speciality yarn and raw white yarns
Gimatex Industries Pvt. Ltd. Hinganghat A-38 Ring spun, compact, MVS vortex & autocore yarn
Grasim Industries Limited - Birla Cellulose - Liva Mumbai B-19/24/25 Birla Viscose, Birla Modal, Birla Excel, Birla Sunshades, LIVA
Grasim Industries Limited - Indian Rayon Mumbai B-11/12/32/33 Raysil (viscose filament yarn), pot spun, continuous spun, spool spun yarns
GTN Group of Companies         Cochin A-26 100% cotton yarns & Fabrics
Hi-Tech Yarns Udumalpet F-20 Open end coloured recycled yarn
Indorama Industries Limited Chandigarh A-51/52/53 Elastomeric yarn / spandex yarn
Itochu India Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai A-54/55 Functional fibers & yarns
J.Korin Spinning Pvt. Ltd. Surat A-61 Polyester mono filament yarn, dyed yarn, cocoon for embroidery
Jagannath Textile Company Limited Coimbatore F-19 Open end yarn, ring yarn, recycled coloured yarn
Jattashankar Industries Ltd.  Mumbai F-81 Polyester dyed yarn
Jay Textiles (A Unit of Super Sales India Ltd.) Coimbatore F-3 Cotton & speciality yarns
JB Ecotex LLP Surat A-60 High tenacity recycled polyester staple fibre
JP Modatex LLP Mumbai F-60 Modal, tencel, excel, viscose & blended linen yarn
Kamarhatty Company Limited Kolkata F-96 Linen yarn, Jute yarn
Kejriwal Industries Limited Surat A-22/23 POY-FDY-DTY-ATY-Yarn Dyed-Nylon Yarn
Kudu Knit Process Pvt Ltd. Ludhiana F-72 Dyed yarns
Kumaragiri Spinnerss Private Limited Erode B-20/21/22/23 100% combed p/c, c.p yarn, p/c slub yarns & Finished Fabrics
Lucky Yarn Tex India Private Limited Erode B-17/18/26/27 Cotton, viscose, modal, lyocell yarns & Woven Fabrics
Madhusudan Group Surat A-35/36/37 Fancy yarns
Magnum Spinning Millss India Private Limited Salem A-27 Compact combed PC, PV blends
Mantharagiri Textiles Palladam F-36 Colour melange hosiery yarn
Maral Overseas Limited Noida A-42/43 100% cotton grey & dyed yarns
Meru Enterprises Tirupur A-48 Cotton, blends with viscose, modal, bamboo, acrylic yarns
Mothi Spinner Pvt. Ltd. Erode B-17/18/26/27 Cotton, viscose, modal, lyocell yarns and Woven Fabrics
Murugan Textiles Tirupur F-34 Open end coloured recycled yarn
N. R. C. Spintex Vellakovil F-38 Open end coloured recycled yarn
Nagreeka Exports Limited Mumbai A-40 Dyed cotton yarns
Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd. Ludhiana A-33/34 Cotton/blended/fancy yarn & Knitted Fabrics
Neela Tex Tirupur F-37 Open end coloured recycled yarn
Open End Spinning Mills Association Coimbatore F-33 Open end coloured recycled yarn
P.P. Yarn Agencies New Delhi A-12 Fancy, speciality & metallic yarns
Pallavaa Group Erode B-7/8/36/37 Spun yarns - Lenzing viscose, modal, tencel, bamboo
Pashupati Polytex Pvt. Ltd. Kashipur F-43 Recycled polyester fiber
Perfect Filaments Limited Mumbai B-15/16/28/29 Catonic & melange specialty textured yarns
Reliance Industries Limited Navi Mumbai B-38/45 Polyester fibers & yarns. Specialty Fabrics
RG Spinning Mills (P) Ltd. Erode F-4/5/6 Poly/cotton & cotton/poly yarns
Royal Yaarns Tirupur A-33/34 Cotton/blended/fancy yarn & Knitted Fabrics
RSWM Limited (An LNJ Bhilwara Group)   Bhilwara A-4/5/6 Sustainable & value added yarns along with Suiting & Denim Fabrics
Salient Tex Mill Pvt. Ltd. Tirupur F-27/28/29 Indigo dyed yarn
Sambandam Spinning Mills Limited Salem A-7/8 TFO, compact, gassed, mercerized, melange yarns & man made fibres
Sanathan Textiles Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai A-30/31/32 Polyester filament yarns & 100% cotton yarns
Sarmangal Synthetics Pvt. Ltd. Pollachi A-24/25 Dyed 100% polyester, PSF melange, cotonic blends & fancy slub yarns
SBT Textiles Pvt. Ltd. Chattisgarh F-82 Industrial Yarn
Shri Damodar Yarn Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai A-49 100% linen yarn, cotton yarn dyed/space dyed, monofilament polyester
Shubhalakshmi Polyesters Ltd. Mumbai A-66/67 Polyester Staple Fibre (PSF), Polyester Filament Yarn (POY, DTY, FDY, ATY, Mono, Mother)
Sintex Industries Ltd. (Yarn Division) Ahmedabad A-13/14 Grey cotton & blended yarns with value addition
Siruvani Yarns Tirupur F-47/48 Fancy Yarns 
Siva Sakthi Mills Vellakovil F-22 Open end coloured recycled yarn
Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd. Mumbai B-9/10/34/35 Dyed yarn in indigo, sulphur, cotton, linen, polyester, space, delave, fancy
Skaat Machine Works India Pvt. Ltd.     Coimbatore F-8 Fancy yarn machineries 
Sky Cotex India Private Limited (Spinning Division) Tirupur A-41 Super slub yarns
Sri Angal Fancy Yarn Spinners Coimbatore F-26 Colour melanges, fancy and speciality yarns
Sri Balavigna Yarns Dindigul A-56 100% pima, giza, supima and blended yarns
Sri Manivel Tex Vellakovil F-22 Open end coloured recycled yarn
Srivari Textiles Tirupur F-21 Open end coloured recycled yarn
Srri Bala Jagathambal Spinning Mills (P) Ltd. Vellakovil F-35 Open end coloured recycled yarn
Texas Woollen Mills Pvt. Ltd. Ludhiana F-77 Dyed spun polyester fancy yarns
Thai Asahi Kasei Spandex Co. Ltd. Thailand A-57/58/59 ROICA brand premium spandex yarn
Tirumalai Textiles Pollachi F-40 Open end coloured recycled yarn
Trident Limited Ludhiana B-1/6 Cotton, blends, dyed melange yarns
Usha Corporation Limited Kolkata F-57 Bast Fibre Cottonising - flax / jute / hemp / ramie
Varsidhi Textiles (P) Ltd. Udumalpet F-39 Open end coloured recycled yarn
Winndsor Cotton Mills Private Limited Tirupur A-19 Melange, grindle, inject slub, fancy, woven & feather effected yarns 
Winsome Textile Industries Limited Gurgaon A-1/2/3 Melange, fancy & dyed yarns in 100% cotton & blends
Winsome Yarns Limited Chandigarh A-9/10/11 Defination of innovation in melange / recycled products

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